Saturday, January 7, 2012

Hike on a Saturday Morning

This morning I went out on my first hike in a while. It was open access day at Limestone Canyon, which means that my friend Judy and I were handed maps and sent out on our way to puzzle it out, with the caution that there were mountain lions out there we should watch out for. Blessedly, none were in evidence today.
I had never been to Limestone, or at least, if I have, I don't remember it. I did see Dripping Springs on the map, and we were going to go there, but the springs themselves were closed to the public. That is a gorgeous place, with a waterfall and wild orchids, but it is very fragile and must be protected from rampaging weekenders and their bikes, dogs, and kids. So we went up to the Sinks overview, and started on the path to Box Springs, but never found it, also couldn't brave the exceedingly steep hill paths on the route.
There were tons of tiny holes in the ground as we walked the paths, perhaps trapdoor spider burrows, perhaps snake holes or gophers. No one seemed to be home. Most of the way, it was not an up or downhill trek, just steady walking, with gorgeous meadows, live oaks and the dusty rose grey green of late winter.
Finally, Judy spied a uniformed park ranger on the hill. It was the overlook for the Sinks, a dramatic falling away of the sandstone cliffs to a drop far below us, a miniature Grand Canyon. Spectacular!


marly youmans said...

Lovely. I like hearing about these!

Robbi said...

It was quite a trek. We were both exhausted afterwards. But I have no idea how far we actually walked because we really weren't sure at any given time what road we were on or where we were going. I prefer guided hikes, thank you, but I am glad we went on this one anyway because this place is closed to the public most of the time.