Sunday, January 15, 2012

Holy Jim Hike and a book release on Amazon

R and I just got back from a hike to the waterfall on the Holy Jim trail. It was a beautiful hike, in very wild country, at least three miles to the trail head on the bumpiest road I've ever experienced! Luckily, we were in the capable hands of John, a fellow with a huge SUV, and he guided us along the hair-raising route. There were some people out there in less trail-worthy Lexuses and the like. I can't imagine how they got where they were going!
Once we began hiking, there were lots of rustic cabins in the park, probably rentable or available to own for people who want to rough it, but not enough to tent camp. I'm sure there is no wireless or electricity there. Each of the cabins was different, some with interesting stairs, front doors, or windows evidently built by some person who wanted to make a statement.
We had to cross the creek at various points, some hairier than others. I managed to make it through without getting too wet, though at least once, one foot slipped and the icy cold water made it into my shoe. There were lovely white violets, apropos of the publisher putting out my book! I wished I had a camera so I could take pictures of them!
Many hikers, dogs, kids made their way along this same trail, all enjoying what turned out to be a beautiful day, though rain threatened. I'll see if I can find a picture of the place!
Also, I want to announce the release of Easy to Love but Hard to Raise, an anthology about raising children with disabilities, on Amazon. I have an essay in that book, which would be an excellent gift for anyone going through the difficult experience of caring for such a child and dealing with schools, family, and the world at large, which does not generally comprehend the issues involved in such an undertaking. This is an important book, one well worth reading, even if one is not herself raising such a child. It will give you an appreciation for the struggles others live through every day.
In my case, my son is grown, and we are mostly past the isolation and need for advocacy his rearing necessitated, but I still recognized in the lives and words of other the same feelings and frustrations that I knew so well, even if their kids' challenges were nothing like my son's.
Here is the link on Amazon:


marly youmans said...

All very good, trala! Bumpy and hairy sounds like an adventure, too.

Robbi said...

Yes, and I could be speaking about raising Jeremy as well as the hike yesterday!