Friday, January 6, 2012


I have a chronic hip problem. I suspect it comes from driving a car that requires me to pile up pillows to see over the windshield, and even then, imperfectly. Then of course, I must stretch one leg out more than the other to reach the pedals. Consequently, the left hip is unevenly aligned with the right one, and this causes pain of various kinds.
Over the years, I have had physical therapy prescribed by an orthopedist, and my yoga teachers have striven to help me eliminate this pain, tightness, and lopsidedness. But now, it has gotten worse. I feel my hip bones grind against each other and note that my torso seems to fall into the hip on that left side. On the right side, my groin is painful, and I cannot do simple yoga poses that involve that groin without props anymore. Sitting with folded legs is also painful, and requires me to prop up my knees with yoga bricks.
My teachers have urged me to go back to the doctor, so I did. He pointed out a tiny cyst on my left hipbone, saying this sometimes presages the start of arthritis.I am not happy to hear that, but I hope yoga and perhaps a bit of physical therapy can ward it off. But I agreed to a shot of cortisone in the bursa;ow! I have to go back in 4 weeks.


marly youmans said...

There's a lot of hanging in there required after 50, no doubt about it.

Hey, your verification word is: provigra!

Robbi said...

Maybe that's an omen(the verification word, I mean)! Do you have physical complaints too?