Tuesday, January 31, 2012

New URL on Red Room

In case you ever want to re-visit my writer's page on Red Room, there's a new URL. I had to give them my "real name," the legal one, which I never use unless I have to. The address is http://redroom.com/member/roberta-l-nester .


marly youmans said...

Not hot! Remember to click on html at the top of your post when writing it and then put

before the address


marly youmans said...


Didn't come out right, of course.

You put

<> with an a inside before the address
and <> with /a inside after the address

Robbi, just google "basic html tags" and you will find a list and know how to do these things easily. As, for example, see the list of acceptable HTML tags in below the comment box.

marly youmans said...

here is a beginning site for kids:


I have made the link hot with html tags. You can too! Look down the page to HTML Links.