Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Stuff Happens

Unusual things tend to happen to me, fodder for sitcoms or movie plots. For example, my old car, limping along from one oil change to another, is beginning to have trouble with a sticking seatbelt on the driver's side. It has crossed my mind that I had better keep the phone charged just in case I get stuck in there.
Today I had an interview, and I was running late for it. I left later than I should have, and then got all the red lights. The traffic was hideous, and I couldn't find a space in the parking facility till I had driven in circles for fifteen minutes, crying that I was late for the interview. Then, of course, because that is the way things happen in my life, my seatbelt wouldn't budge. I wrestled with it, wiggled it, tugged it, let out a scream, and finally broke it free. Maybe that loosened it up.

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