Thursday, August 13, 2009

Exam Day!

Today is the exam--the very last day of summer session. I am glad to have this 6 weeks over with, and 10 students officially still on the roster. I don't think all 10 will show for the exam. My guess is that two students who have not been doing well (Ds on the 2nd paper) will not show up today to take the exam. Of course, they never asked me for help, and didn't, so far as I know, go to Wr. 180. Oh well. Six weeks is not long enough for some to get the practice they need. Probably at least one of these students shouldn't have been in Wr. 1 at all, to tell the truth.
I took my dad to the spine specialist. It was one of those appointments that required an hour of waiting (at least) and took about 15 minutes once the doctor came in. Sigh. No problems we didn't already know about. That's good, right?


Lou said...

Yes, that is good.

Robbi said...

A pain, but good.