Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Rejects After All

It seems I spoke too soon and too confidently a while back about the things I have sent out. I got two rejects today from journals--one from Qarrtsiluni, for the latest poem I sent out, Tzimtzum. They liked it, but decided it didn't fit the theme of the issue. They asked for spells, incantations, etc. The other was from Headless Horseman--I think that was the journal's name, a call for submissions from Reb's blog that I answered. I thought their rejection was a bit snide, unless I am reading it wrong. "Good luck getting these pieces into another journal," or something of the sort. Oh well. The thing is to keep on going. Two down and several more to go. I have more things out now--the hint fiction stuff, the blog nomination for an anthology, a story to The New Yorker, of all places (why not get rejected from the best?), the Real Simple growing up entry for their contest, a laundromat poem for an anthology about that subject, and a piece of autobiographical stuff at Riverteeth. I can't remember whether there are any more poems out there. There might be. I won't send anything out for a while, just in case.

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Lou said...

Editors of those small presses are usually overworked and under-appreciated, so I don't think you should take that written comment as any more than a good luck note--and it was written by hand. So much better than just the form.