Wednesday, August 26, 2009

First day of class

As Lou warned in her blog, the writing classes were really full this semester. I had people standing all along each wall and on the floor, so that I had to choose names out of a hat and dismiss the rest. All the same, no one I sent APC codes to in that second class has added yet. All the ones I sent them to in the first class have already added. Already, this class has involved some shenanegans, though for a good reason. This class has several of my son's old baseball and basketball buddies in it, and one neighbor who is friends with my son. One of these, a kid transferring from San Diego State, whose father is dying of brain cancer, couldn't come to the first day because his father is about to die. So he sent another kid I know from baseball, but haven't seen in 10 years, to sit in for him. This kid answered to the other one's name, but he didn't look like the boy I remembered at all. I chalked it up to faulty memory or changed kid, and administered the diagnostic to him, along with the rest. Today I got a note from the kid who was actually signed up for the class, saying that that was NOT him, and that that kid was not supposed to present himself as the other one. Truth is, had he told me who he was, I would not have accepted that, so probably he did save the first kid's space in the class, but now I have to discard the diagnostic that 2nd kid wrote and re-administer it to the real kid tomorrow! So complicated!
By the way, there's a brand new, much better version of the new story below.


Lou said...

LOL Larceny in his heart.

Robbi said...


gizbot said...

All I can say is OMG Robbi I don't know how you do it!
and I just had to comment because Lou's "larceny in his heart" line is so familiar to me.
"I like a man with a little larceny in his heart" is what the manager said to my husband when he was hired for his first auto sales job up in NoCal over 30 yrs ago!

Robbi said...

Liz (or should I say "Giz"?),
I guess larceny works for being a college student as well as being a car salesman!
I would say that this sort of stuff is the least of it, actually! It is kind of nice to have students fighting to get into my class! I keep getting testimonials in my email from students trying to talk their way into the class, but I have no more room, unless some of those who don't like their diagnostic grades drop tomorrow, which is always a possibility, and the two ESL and one LD I tagged get snagged by the other readers, and even then, they can choose to stay if they want to.
We shall see. Right now, I'm over-enrolled in one class and nearly full in the other with at least one person who hasn't turned in an add slip yet.