Thursday, August 27, 2009

More poems

There are more poems. I sent a bunch (the Santiago Canyon Suite, that group of poems I wrote on the Wilderness Workshops) to a journal that published women's formed poems after seeing a group of Marly's there. I haven't heard from them, not even an acknowledgement, so I don't know if I ever will hear. I also sent some to Arch and some to another journal I read about in Reb's blog, The Mark on the Wall. I don't, unfortunately, remember what I sent, so I am not going to send anymore poems for a while, unless I write new ones. I know I can send Tzimtzum out again. I think I also sent the parrot poem and one other to Headless Horseman, so I might be able to send those out, but I've got to keep tabs on things from now on!

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