Tuesday, August 11, 2009

New Season

The Jewish New Year approaches. If I didn't know that already, I could know it by the fact that rehearsal season for the choir at the synagogue has begun again. Last night, we gathered over dinner to chat over about summer doings and to reflect on the people who were missing from our ranks. One member, who was quite elderly and unable to drive anymore moved to Heritage Pointe, a senior community for Jewish people, where they have their own synagogue and choir. Another had a skiing accident last winter, and is now in a wheelchair. Though he does not let this slow him down too much, it makes getting to choir practice and performances kind of tough. Yet another, I have heard, has had a serious operation, but apparently wants to keep mum on this until she has recovered.
Though I didn't sing too well (I'm coming down with a cold passed along by one of my students I think), I enjoyed the rehearsal, stretching out the rusty vocal chords, and looking through the tangled mess of sheet music for the high holiday stuff I need. I didn't find much of it. I have no idea what happened to the rest since this morning, a thorough search netted very little I didn't already know I had.
Perhaps the most evident place my ADHD shows itself is in this department: finding sheet music in my various notebooks. It is unfortunately a rather public extension of my poor housekeeping. Remembering back to my early days in school, where my desk was a hopeless mess compared to the others' orderly storage compartments, this is nothing new. I have somehow never been able to put things in any clear order. This is why making a book out of the various poems I've written over the years is hard for me, I suppose. But not so terrible as all that. Once I got started, I think I can see a way to put the poems together. The music is another story.


Lou said...

Can you simply fasten all the sheet into a notebook. Then, open the notebook rings and move them around, play with them, set them aside, think about it, and know that nothing is lost?

Robbi said...

Yes. That's what I've done. I actually have 3 notebooks: one for high holidays; one for other music (the sort of home base for music); another for extra copies. But I seem to have lost all my high holiday music, or most of it. I think there's another notebook out there that I've forgotten about somewhere.