Sunday, August 16, 2009

Revolving Sushi

Last night we went to our friend Manny's birthday dinner at Kuru Sushi, Costa Mesa. Besides being tasty, this sushi is cleverly presented on a revolving belt that entices you with new varieties of sushi, salads, dessert, and other treats as it goes around, passing close to the table each time. Unfortunately, the way things are set up, the people closest to the belt have to take orders from the other, and pass things down. Soon the table is littered with plates of different colors and patterns, each signifying a different price range, and lids that once covered those small plates. The food is good, and very fresh... reasonable for what it is. Sushi can get extremely pricey, but this is truly reasonable. I ate all together too much, which is often the case in such situations. The same happens with dim sum, where I am enticed by the variety and the excitement of the hunt, hastening to grab whatever catches my eye before it goes away. The result is a stomachache and a thinner wallet. However, we all had a good time eating, talking, and celebrating.


Lou said...

I love sushi, too, and in large quantities. Glad you had a good time.

Robbi said...

You should go there some time! It is worth the ride.