Friday, August 7, 2009

Wilderness hike with Lou

Last night I went on a hike at Red Rock with Lou and the wilderness workshop led by Thea Gavin. We went to write and to watch the Red Moon (one of August's two full moons!) rise. This moon is also called the Sturgeon Moon because those fish are apparently running at this time in some parts of the country.
The red rocks themselves were quite amazing, as red as a hunk of uncooked beef. Everything growing was sere and dry though, so the workshop leader focused on the sense of hearing. Disappointingly, my ears didn't cooperate. I am largely deaf, so didn't hear the dueling great horned owls that everyone else raptly listened to in the dark. However, the moon rise was spectacular. Not being the picture taking kind though, I didn't snap it. I wrote a poem, but am still working on it.


Lou said...

I await that poem!

Robbi said...

I'm working on it.