Thursday, June 2, 2011

Another publication!

Qarrtsiluni has accepted by poem, "My Memory Palace" for their Imprisonment issue. It took a while, but they liked it! Meanwhile, my cousin Nina is finishing up the drawings for the yoga series. I have a few places in mind to send it, if they are still reading manuscripts. If you have any suggestions of good publishers who would "count" with academia, let me know.


marlyat2 said...

Rah, good for you!

Robbi said...

Thanks Marly. On the other hand, I sent some poems to that anthology for Jewish Americans on the listserve yesterday, and I got them back (rejected) today! I guess they really hated them. Nothing wrong with knowing what you want, I suppose. I sent three yoga poems with drawings and the whale poem, Duet. I suppose that doesn't bode well for the yoga poems.

Robin said...

Congratulations, Robbi!!