Sunday, June 19, 2011

Father's Day

I still have not visited the cemetery where my parents are buried although it is only half a mile from my house. I have tried to get various people to come with me including my son and my husband, but they don't want to.
Next week I have planned a commemoration, and I am hoping that the stone I ordered from Veterans has been put in place there. Today I am going to have to make myself go, to check this out.
I am not sure exactly why it is so hard for me to go to the cemetery again. I am not in denial about my parents' death. I know quite well they are gone. I think about them every day, just about.
Today would be a good day for me to go, if only to dispel the fear or reluctance or whatever it is.
I want to take Richard to breakfast this morning, especially since Jeremy moved back into the house yesterday afternoon without much fanfare, and then went off to work the night shift at the market, getting home after midnight.
I don't want to wake Jeremy as early as I would need to; he has summer school coming up this week. But naturally I want him to go to breakfast with his dad.
Breakfast is R's favorite meal. I don't like breakfast at all, and have the urge to eat dim sum or left overs or fruit at breakfast time. Most of the time I eat very lightly at breakfast because I am going to go to yoga class in a few hours, and I can't have anything big in my stomach.


marlyat2 said...

Rather surprised that my children bought a lovely surprise lunch for their dad... And will do dinner. Hmm. Must be growing up.

Robbi said...

Enjoy. It is wonderful to see them grow, at least in that way, isn't it?