Thursday, June 30, 2011

Fourth of July

What does one do on the Fourth if she does not bbq? I tried once buying a bbq, but couldn't bring myself to use it. Too chicken, and I don't like big hunks of meat anyhow.
Perhaps I should go to the beach for once in my life? Go to a parade? Sleep all day? Revel in home ownership?


marlyat2 said...

Little enticing things on skewers are easy to do on a tiny grill, and I suppose would work in the oven, to be moved outside when done. Veggies and maybe marinated chicken--we do that sometimes in the summer, and it is barbecue-like.

Robbi said...

I love grilled vegetables, but they just don't turn out the same in the oven. And no one is going to run the grill. We're both wary of it. That's why I never used the gas grill I used to have, which Richard dismantled as scrap metal, though it was almost new.