Thursday, June 16, 2011

Second Class

The second class went very well. The room had already thinned out a bit. Not everyone returned. I was rather surprised that the older, unemployed gentleman in the second row hadn't showed. Probably the subject matter didn't interest him. If the other sections have political or social themes, he would rather take one of those classes. The time could be rather inconvenient too. I remember his saying he was checking out an earlier class. Someone who had been enrolled but hadn't shown for the first class came also, and I had to add him back into the class. So I have probably about 24 students now, if the people I gave add cards to turn them in.
I was feeling that I was doing extremely well today, and that if anyone who had any doubts about my teaching had been there, they wouldn't have such doubts anymore. I was introducing the students to the idea of analyzing texts. Then we looked at student samples and began to work on the Bishop poem ("First Death in Nova Scotia").


marlyat2 said...

Ah, glad it is pleasant and not over-crowded. Good start.

Robbi said...

It was terrific. The students, for the most part, seemed absorbed. I've got a couple of steely eyed girls in the middle who are clearly not impressed, though the way their eye makeup was laid on with a trowel, it was hard to read any expression on their faces. I've got a sleeper too, but the rest of the students seem ready to learn, and one anxious student who has been emailing me for a few weeks is raring to go, asking all kinds of terrific questions.