Monday, June 13, 2011

Recipe for Green Onion Sesame Bread

I made the bread tonight for supper, and found that it tasted exactly like the bread at the restaurant. However, it was several times smaller. I also needed to translate the measurements to cups, etc. so I could make it. But I found that I mostly worked by instinct anyway. The flour the recipe suggested I put in was not enough to make a substantial dough, or perhaps I put in too much water or using egg whites rather than whole eggs changed the consistency. But in any case, I used my judgement, and the bread turned out perfectly. I recommend it! You might double it though, if there are more than two of you. We ate the whole thing in a trice.


marlyat2 said...

Mm, sounds good!

Robbi said...

It was, and aside from the time for proofing (an hour) and the rolling out and cleaning up, didn't take too long either.

liz said...

I must say even though I don't eat bread persae (sp?) since I tend to treat it more as a condiment, when I saw your blog picture, now knowing it tastes as good as it looks, my taste buds went all a flutter. And so cool
that you followed your own road
to bread heaven.

Robbi said...

It tasted JUST like the stuff at the restaurant, and it really wasn't that difficult to make. It just took some time, as bread does.