Friday, May 15, 2009

Dinner Out

My workshop had one last dinner together last night at Annapoorna. At least one of the students had never tried Indian food before, but let himself be guided by our sage advice. I think he enjoyed the experience. The menu is quite extensive; I didn't really have a good look at it last time because I just got the buffet. They don't do the buffet during the week, so I had a dosa. Unlike most of the places that I've been to, this one doesn't fold the dosa for you. They just give you a huge pancake, overflowing everywhere, and several sauces and other things to put in/on it. You've got to figure out for yourself how to manage it. It was fun. Everyone was sharing with everyone else, telling about their next adventures. There were trips on tap to Algeria and Australia, and one student was moving to Santa Monica with friends. At least a couple promised to send poems and keep in touch. One went to Yogurtland with me for dessert. That was fun too. I will miss them. Since I have not been given a workshop for the next year, I will look for opportunities elsewhere to teach one, perhaps at UCI Extension or Chapman.


Lou said...

What a generous workshop leader you are to spend time like this with your poets. You've given them some wonderful experiences this semester, and I hope you get to do it again soon.

Robbi said...

Thanks Lou. Apparently, I mistakenly gave Lewis the idea I didn't want to take the workshop this summer. Marie has it. But I wrote to him and told him I loved teaching workshop and want to do it again soon.
In any case, I will be looking for somewhere else to teach it this year, along with my regular load.