Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Shopping Nightmare

Yesterday was a tough day. After yoga class and a doctor's appointment, I went to Target in Mission Viejo to shop for frozen food for Jeremy. He had been complaining that the stuff I was getting him was not what he would like to eat. Mostly, he wants to microwave his meals by himself. He has consistently turned down my offers to teach him to prepare food from scratch, so that is his only option.
Since the Target at that location has the largest selection of frozen food in the area, I went to that store and bought $60. worth of stuff, including much for Jeremy, in addition to cat litter and cleaning supplies. Then, on my way out to the car on the hot parking lot, I realized I did not have my keys.
Trying not to panic, I headed back for the store, my full cart wobbling and weaving, and retraced my steps. On my way, I asked every red-shirted employee I saw whether s/he had found my keys. No one had. Then I started to panic. Jeremy has lost his license, and R. was at work, without his car, unable to pick me up. If my keys were lost, AAA would not be able to do anything for me either.
I went back to the car and peered into the driver's side window; that's when I saw the keys, which had apparently fallen on the seat when I left the car. I called AAA and had to wait about 40 minutes for them to show up. Getting into the car once the truck arrived took all of about 40 seconds.


Lou said...

Oh what a pain! I just hate when I do stuff like that! But I'm glad that the keys were not lost.

Robbi said...

Me too. Otherwise I'd probably still be standing there with rotten food and dripping ice cream.

Anonymous said...

I think we've all experienced some form of this nightmare! For me, it's impossible to leave my keys locked in the car, but I've sure had near heart-stopping lost wallet episodes! Glad that Triple A was able to solve the problem so quickly!

Robbi said...

Losing my wallet would give me heart failure. The damn thing is so fat and big that I don't know how it would happen, but I've lost my debit card three or four times, and it never turned up again. Somehow, no one found it, apparently, so I didn't have problems connected to it.

Robbi said...
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