Saturday, May 16, 2009

Time with the herd

Last night R. and I attended a retirement party for my colleague, Julie. She is such a sweet and positive presence in the department, and so important, since she works with students others do not know what to do with, those with learning and behavior problems. I sincerely hope someone who can at least partly fill her shoes soon is hired in the department; with funds being what they are, it concerns me.
The party was wonderful. I am not a party person, and this is only the second of the retirement parties I have attended for department folks. But it was fun and full of warmth for Julie from her colleagues and her family.
It was interesting to spend time with people I've only passed in the hall or briefly exchanged emails with and to sit down with people I chat with fitfully, in passing. And of course, to spend a little time in person with my virtual buddies, like Lou and Reb. It was nice to see Reb with her son, spending a little time together. Makes me nostalgic for Jeremy at that age... .


Lou said...

Lovely evening, indeed!

Candice said...

I saw pictures of the party on dissenttheblog. It looks like every one had a lot of fun :)

I know just what you mean about yoga and writing being absolutely necessary to make it through the rest of, well, everything else.

I wonder if enjoying time with friends/ colleagues also has a calming, clarifying effect..? For me, laughing with friends can sometimes be clarifying, sometimes intoxicating.

What effect does teaching ("working") have on your sense of balance?

Robbi said...

It was fun, but COLD! No one was prepared for the chill of that afternoon and evening.
Being with friends does help, and of course work is part of the balance, but work alone, without the writing and yoga, is not enough.