Friday, May 29, 2009

To the doctor again

I just got home about an hour ago after spending the afternoon in the doctor's office with my parents. My dad called me last night, irritable and unwell. He said that his right leg, the side that was affected by his stroke, was acting up, feeling like, in his words, it wasn't his leg at all or wasn't there. It was dragging behind him. And it bothered him at night. His bladder was also feeling pressure, even though he's catherized. So knowing that he has had an infection just about every month since he had the foley put in and that it might be another stroke, I called the doctor's office, though it was already about 5:00 PM, and made an appointment for today with the nurse practitioner.
I picked them up at the Center in Orange, and sure enough, dad's leg was dragging along behind him. He was slower than usual, and looked pained. And, it turned out, he had very high blood pressure, although his caregiver said that this morning it was perfect.
So we had to sit for hours in the doctor's office awaiting the results of his blood tests, which the nurse practitioner was almost sure would show a bladder infection. There was nothing definite, but something seemed up, some kind of infection, so she gave him a prescription, and sent us home. It was 5:00 by then. We were freezing, tired, hungry, and bored, and I had yet to pick up the prescription and drive them home.
I was supposed to sing tonight in synagogue, but needless to say, I didn't make it.


Lou said...

Aw, what a shitty Friday for everyone. And it was such a dreary day. I hope that antibiotic helps him feel better quickly.

Robbi said...

It was pretty shitty, wasn't it? I hope he feels better soon too.

liz said...

oh no! 'hardly anything more tedious than waiting in a Doctor's office...well unless it's having to go to the bathroom while being stuck on the 405 :{ but sitting there for the good part of a day? Sure hope you had a book to keep you occupied And mostly that your Dad is feeling a whole lot better today.

Robbi said...

It was tedious, and I didn't have anything to read after I finished preparing as much of my classes for the week as I could. I need to go to the library tomorrow!
Have you been to the doctor yet, and when are you going to come back to yoga???

Robin said...

I'm sorry you had such an awful Friday! I hope that something more definite can be learned about your father's condition so he can be made more comfortable, and these episodes don't continue. It's WAY too much stress for you! I hope the rest of the weekend was better for you!vess

Robbi said...

Who's "vess," Robin? Probably a typo.
Probably my dad had a bladder infection, or maybe a urinary tract infection. Old people get those a lot, and they have much different sorts of symptoms in the elderly than in people who are younger. But I hope they can figure out what's going on with him.