Tuesday, May 26, 2009

First day of class

This semester, I am teaching Writing 1. I wanted to do that because the students I was getting in Writing 2 were mostly unprepared for the class. I wanted to be sure that these students would have experience in writing textual analysis, using quotations, etc. Those students mostly didn't, or so it seemed, though all but a few had taken the prerequisite at this college.
The theme this semester is Hauntings. It is a variation on the Obsession class I taught a few years ago. We'll be reading and writing about that A.S. Byatt story I talked about earlier, "The July Ghost," Hitchcock's film Vertigo, and The Turn of the Screw. Students have a hard time with James, but I think they'll be ready for him by the time we get there because the techniques and themes will be familiar, if not the diction and syntax.
From what I see so far in the diagnostics, the students have no experience in using quotations from a text in their writing, but then I have only looked at 4 or 5 of them so far. They are vague and unspecific. This class should help address those problems.


Lou said...

Your text choices are intriguing. Good luck with these students, and remember--they just finished 201!

Robbi said...

Most of them didn't. They mostly tested in. Perhaps many of them shouldn't have.

Robbi said...

Some took 201 elsewhere. They mostly belong in 301 or ESL.