Friday, May 29, 2009

Special Request

At Candice's request, I will post my latest poem, post-wilderness workshop, on the wild parrots that frequent these parts. It was in part inspired by my own sightings (abetted by a bit of online research) and in part is a response to my blog-sister Lou's post on her own blog about a wild parrot (complete with photo!) a while back.

In the Queen Palm's swaying crown
or heavy on the pine boughs
I always hear before I see them
the wild green parrots from elsewhere.
Then only in an odd flash of bright
wings, like a sunset trick of light.
No ordinary flock, but remnants
my mother's mismatched teacups.
They gawk in groups, like tourists
nothing in common but being
out of place. Somehow
they find familiar trees:
the bulbous silk tree, clad in clouds
of silver fluff, the calm magnolia
with its lacquered leaves--those
other denizens of elsewhere--
and eat their tender fruits and seeds.
I hear the raucous calls and know
that life will thrive: moss
between the sidewalk cracks
or tree of heaven growing
spindly through the sewer grate.


Lou said...

What a delightful poem! "my mother's mismatched teacups" Wonderful!

I first became interested in wild parrots in CA maybe 15 years ago when a friend in San Francisco was a volunteer spotter for the parrots there. I've been seeing the flocks here in OC for years, mostly in Orange and Tustin. But this year, they've become a common sight on campus at IVC--lucky us. The most I have seen at one time from my window is 12. 12!

Robbi said...

I have been hearing them for a long time--first when I used to teach at Santa Ana College years ago, and then in Irvine. But I only saw the actual bird in your photo, and then at the San Diego Zoo, the thick billed parrot, which the zoo billed as the true wild parrot of Southern California. BUt according to that Amazornia site, there are all kinds of parrots in those flocks. That's what amazed me!
I'm glad you liked it.

Candice said...

Wonderful :)

Robbi said...

Thanks Candice. I'm glad you liked it.

Robin said...

Very nice poem, Robbi! I love the energy of it! It makes me want to seek out wild parrots and spend time with them!

Robbi said...

Thanks Robin. I'd love to do that too. But they are fast and elusive.