Saturday, May 2, 2009

Sublimely ridiculous

This week in my workshop, we wrote parodies. Here's mine:
The Hive
I heard a Beehive in the wall--
When I was trying to Sleep.
Incessant Buzzing at hours
Precluded counting sheep.

My swollen eyes were red and sore
The Clock siad 2 AM--
I wished the Sun would break his bonds
Ushering Morning in.

I took a Hatchet from the hutch
and hefted it awhile.
Though it would make an awful mess
I'd end this thing in style.

The first stroke broke the paper cells
The second set Them free--
And now I'm wrapped up in the rug
And cannot see to See.


Lou said...

What fun! Love the hatchet in the hutch.

Robbi said...

It was fun writing it!