Thursday, May 7, 2009

Reading for myself

When I get to read for fun, I like to read a good mystery every once in a while, Ruth Rendell or P.D. James, especially. I just read James' latest, which I rented from the library. It is called The Private Patient. I like the odd and moody detective, the poet and Oxford-ite, Adam Daigleish. He threatens to retire in this book, but something always comes up, and he probably won't.
In the few books of hers I've read, there are multiple murders, committed by the same person, so it didn't surprise me when that happened here too. James seems to subscribe to the view that one corpse isn't enough to sustain the readers' interest, not when so many other mysteries abound in the market. And of course, there are always the red herrings, intriguing and interesting in their own right.
I can't claim to be a mystery afficianado (sp) really, but when I am stressed, they settle me. Something comes out right in the end, anyhow. That's a comfort, even if a bloody one.


Lou said...

Maybe I will pick out a good mystery to sort of cleanse my palate.

Robbi said...

Try the one I just finished. You can rent it at Heritage Park library for $1.25! But you have to finish it fast. I read quickly, but it was overdue anyway; it's pretty long.