Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Altered State

I am deep into the process of moving out of one place, physically and psychologically, and into another. The mess is knee deep in both places, and I am a person who gets extremely anxious and bent out of shape when faced with any kind of task of organizing and cleaning. Now I have not only ONE such task, but two. Plus I must prepare and teach three classes. I am not doing any too well at any of it, particularly since I am not going to yoga class or sleeping very well. Probably those are not unrelated either.
Tomorrow the task of tasks--the kitchen in the old place--is facing me, and I have lots of papers to grade and classes to prepare, plus that plagiarism case that I must finally deal with. I had hoped to get it out of the way today but the student didn't show up, at least not up to the 15 minutes I was able to wait for her in the library this morning before I had to go help Richard clean out the bedroom and baths. And when I got home from teaching this afternoon at 6, hungry and tired, there was a pile of clothes on my bed to be hung and organized.
I hope to go to yoga class tomorrow, even if I ought not to try it, ought to keep on slogging away on grading and cleaning. I don't think I could face another day like that without yoga.


marly youmans said...

You need some Monty Python. Turn it on and scrub the kitchen at the same time.

Robbi said...

What a concept! I have hardly missed not having a tv or radio here. There is so much to do. And we were listening to some jazz while we worked. It made everything much more pleasant.