Saturday, March 26, 2011

Good news!

The washer is doing its thing right now! One down, several more to go. We have also managed to make the lights come on upstairs, though not the fan.Good thing it isn't hot. The TV should arrive today, but the tv table isn't yet assembled. We need to get that done and then bracket the thing to the table if possible and get the cable people to connect it.
I haven't missed tv much. Too much other junk to do! And I've been so exhausted! Last night I finally slept in just a little, though the cats are still waking me up to eat in the middle of the night.
RE: cats, they love it here! So many closets to explore and get locked into accidentally! Whistler has now ended up in two different closets. You would think he would figure it out! Right now he is making me nervous by standing on the ledge in the office, looking down on the first floor. There's a little lip there that will probably keep him from falling.
So there's a little progress, and I'm definitely feeling more optimistic about everything!


marly said...

Yes, it will be good, and cats love space and cubbies.

Robbi said...

They do. They seem like kids in a particularly fine playground, checking it all out for the first time. They especially love the bed and the area rugs and the couches. They sit in all sorts of places to see different views out the windows.
There are so many people and dogs out all the time that I am sure there is plenty to watch, and some birds are out there singing particularly lovely songs this time of year.