Thursday, March 17, 2011

Worrying about Worrying

And I thought I was anxious! Today I was listening to public radio, as is my wont, and there was a talk show about how much it was healthy to worry... for instance, about the plume of radiation that might be coming our way from Japan. Apparently, anxious east-coasters and midwesterners have bought out the world wide supply of iodine pills to ward away the effects of radiation, thereby making it more difficult for those who really need the stuff to get it.
Since 9-11 (and the advent of yoga and anti-anxiety medication in my life), I have stopped being a news junkie. I don't watch tv news, most nights, and only glance through the paper. Mostly I listen to the radio. When things get too heavy for me to deal with, to the point where I can't sleep, I stop listening. That may be ostrich-like, but it is my way of dealing with the ambient level of anxiety and staying healthy. I'm no good to anyone if I am freaking out.
So here I am, living on the west coast, where there is a nuclear plant not far down the coast, and the very large chance of a giant earthquake in my future. Am I worried? I'm trying not to think about it.


marlyat2 said...

Well, luckily your word verification (more interesting than the 8 ball) says "blesti."

Hope so!

Robbi said...

Me too.