Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Another whack

Today is furniture day. I'll go to yoga (at last) in my newly fixed car, still limping along, now unfortunately sans radio because I stupidly turned it off after the car guys fixed it (it used to be available only sporadically, on one station; I couldn't turn it off). When I got the car back, it was working completely again, even showing the correct time, so I confidently switched the stations, turning it off. Now it won't come back on, and I miss it.
I will teach and then go straight to the house, where, with any luck, I'll take delivery on bed, dresser and other bedroom furniture, and the big sofa. Yay! Wish I had time to run up to the consignment store to buy some area rugs!


marlyat2 said...

New house jollies--have fun--

Robbi said...

Well, I got the furniture, and amazingly, the bed and the rest of the bedroom furniture, bought at 2 different stores, turned out to be from the same set, same manufacturer, and were the same color. They even came in the same truck!!! Luckily, I only had to pay one delivery charge.
The sofa is still swaddled in plastic. I have to unwrap it. Better buy a trash can for the new house!