Saturday, March 19, 2011

Closer and Closer

Today I found out I was not so inept at design as I had thought. I designed a counter that would not be too expensive or tiresome because of a color/pattern that got old and boring after a while. It's an almond tile with diamond accents in natural slate. Each piece of slate has its own texture and color variations, so it looks really stunning, particularly with the natural stone border I chose to go on the wall around the counter. I have never seen a counter quite like this before, and I think I will really enjoy it. All of us will.
However, today when I was putting some clothes away I realized how sad and wilted and in need of cleaning many of them were. I will have to decide which clothes to clean first--probably those for the upcoming season. The rest will have to be cleaned next winter, when I take them out from storage.
Not everything was ready for us yet. The spigots upstairs still have to be put back on the bases and the fans upstairs still haven't been put together and mounted. The counter will be done tomorrow or Monday. By the middle of next week, the new t.v. I just ordered will arrive.
It's very exciting. I vow to keep it looking as beautiful as it is now. It will mean changing my habits big time.

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