Monday, March 28, 2011


I must say that it feels really fine to be perched up here in my own little eyrie with a view of a patch of sky and the feeling of being up in the trees I can glimpse in that patch.
I've got the sound working and have cleared away few more boxes, with the aid of about 100 hangers I have used for hanging my all-too-abundant clothes. I need to get rid of some of them I haven't worn in a while and have forgotten I had. There's even a charity that picks up weekly to make that convenient, or else I can take them over to Goodwill at the College.
The stove is working again, though I haven't used it yet. Dim as I am, I didn't figure out that the PL on the stove probably meant "pilot light," but perhaps those problems have taken care of themselves because it doesn't say that now.
The handyman will be back tomorrow to finish up the sinks and make another try at the fan in the bedroom and in the outlet in Jeremy's room. Jeremy doesn't live here yet, but he will move in after his lease runs out in July. I don't see how we can measure up to the place he has now, with its three gyms and Starbucks as well as the many people his own age who live there. But he will have a nice little pad downstairs and we won't bother him much. I will ask him to clean up after himself, but I think he is used to doing that now. He probably won't even want me to do his laundry! Most conveniently, he'll have a live in pair of teachers to help him out with his schoolwork. Richard is the one who does most of that though.
They are going to Georgia together this weekend for that golf tournament. All that male bonding!


marlyat2 said...

Excellent, especially the golf trip. Guys playing games is an important thing. Evidently. And you can whirl about and order things as you like.

Robin said...

Sounds like things are really pulling together! I bet Jeremy likes it at his new place. The privacy he has is a big plus, and the pool across the way may appeal to him as well!

Hope he doesn't expect you to do laundry. If he does, just say no. You have too much going on to take on more chores.

Robbi said...

Yes. It's good for them to go out there and watch a tournament. It is Richard's dream of a lifetime; he was lucky enough to win the lottery, as I think I have said, for free Nationals tickets, but they have to get there.
Yes, things are coming together. I cooked dinner on the stove today. I'm trying to keep things clean, especially the cat's litter box. I will clean it in a few days. It's worth the time and the hassle if they don't go on the floor.

Anonymous said...

Your place does not measure up, is he paying rent when he moves into your place? My son pays his own rent and would be greatful if I allowed him to move into my place for free.


Robbi said...

Hi Beth. Jeremy cannot afford to pay rent. He will sacrifice by giving up his apartment and will have to help out with food and other things I guess.
What do you mean that our house doesn't measure up?