Saturday, March 26, 2011


We are OUT of the old place. And the landlady, though she did not ultimately meet with R to get her keys back, has already been through the place and complemented him on how clean and good it looks. Perhaps she will give us the deposit back or at least most of it. That would help us to recoup some of the work on this house.
Meanwhile, the tv has arrived. The table isn't yet put together. I'm not sure when it will happen. I hope soon.


marlyat2 said...

I hope the elves do it in the night. Does sound as though you're expecting it to materialize in finished form!

Good job, Richard! Cleaning after moving out is a big effort.

Robbi said...

If I start on the table, I am certain it will never happen. I am hopeless with such things--although I did, with great effort and taking a long long time--put together a desk chair with just a few pieces. If this table is like a puzzle for two year olds, with big pieces, perhaps I can do it. However, I suspect it has many small ones.
Richard did a heroic job, with a little help from scavengers, neighbors, and Jeremy. I moved quite a bit in my trusty Toyota, and have been unpacking things steadily and trying to find a sensible place for them. But you're right that R is the major person who maneuvered this move. He is also the person who most likely will put together the table, but the handyman and his crew are returning tomorrow morning and the neighbors who need work are also around, so I am pondering handing out the job to them. R returns to work tomorrow, from 8-5, and since he will be trying to take the bus and the Z-car, a carpool, it might take him quite a long time. I might have to rescue him from the train station in Irvine this evening before I go to choir.