Saturday, March 19, 2011


Now it is this old place that is full of echoes. The new one is rapidly filling with the spirit of the life that will soon be going on in it. Houses are not like people. Their bodies take on new life readily, breathing it in as they are filled, while people's bodies have only one go round in them.
I am now wondering whether I should transfer the cats over there this weekend, or wait. There will still be work going on over there after we move in. The counter guy will be getting a late start, and the handyman will install a new kitchen sink and faucet. We will have to eat out for the first couple of nights. I'm not complaining.
Still haven't found the new flat screen we need.


Robin said...

I would transfer the cats to the new place as soon as you find you will be there most of the time. I suspect that watching their home emptying is more terrifying than the prospect of going to a new home with familiar smells of you (and presence) and your things.

Experts suggest that you leave them in one room for a while anyway so they can acclimate to the new surroundings. So if the handymen seem to be scaring them, putting them in a room with their toys and scratch post, etc. should help.

Anonymous said...

Oh, good--let's have some new wild California meals!

Robbi said...

I decided the same thing Robin. They are going to be going there on Monday, after they have a bath. We will stay there Monday night anyhow.