Wednesday, March 30, 2011


I think spring is here in earnest. The cold has mostly cleared away, and the hills are still green, with all the rain. It is wonderful to be in the thick of them here in our new place!
There is quite a bit more wildlife in this place than in the old one, sometimes in the house, as with the lizard who popped out of the furniture when we were trying to unwrap it. I think he's the guy who now lives outside in the defunct air conditioner.
And some kind of bird is singing its heart out every morning. I haven't heard whatever it is before. The only thing I regret is the dearth of trees, aside from eucalyptus. In the old place, we had all kinds. However, my favorite tree, the silk floss tree, grows on the median strip up the road to the house.


marly youmans said...

Plant something!

A fast growing tree... or three.

I am feeling a wee bit envious around the edges. Snowed here yesterday. None yet today. So far.

Robbi said...

There is nowhere to plant. We have only a tiny corner of a patio, and there is a huge basket a friend at synagogue made in memory of my parents and another elephant ear plant. I could put up some bouganvilla (spelling?) to hug the fence, but that's about all. No room for trees. Maybe a container with a lemon tree?