Thursday, July 30, 2009

Another Youngun

A student had to drop today because his parents made him, he said. He must be very young. I knew he was under 18, but maybe he is very very young, like that other person who was in my class. He wouldn't say why, but asked if he could stay anyway because he was interested in the class. I said no because I didn't think that was quite kosher. He had officially dropped, after all, and I know auditing is not allowed, even though he has already paid the tuition. I tell any parents who ask me to permit their very young students to add that it is not advisable, that this is an adult class, and I mean it. I suppose they have found that out when they see the material we are working with.


Lou said...

No tuition, just a fee, which has gone up to $26 a unit for this fall.

Robbi said...

Right, you know what I mean.