Thursday, July 9, 2009

More about worms

My dad wants his own miniature food processor to chop up waste matter so it will be easier for the worms to eat. The house has a food processor, and he was told he could use it, but he is waiting for Susie to do it. She doesn't have time, and probably doesn't want garbage mucking it up, so it doesn't get done. I am a bit afraid he will hurt himself, but I am thinking of getting him one at Target. They have one that takes 3 cups of stuff for $20.00. I will go and check it out.
I haven't talked to him since earlier this week. I've been feeling so stressed out and overloaded, I've just been avoiding him. I think I'm ready to deal with him again.
My class has slimmed way down. Almost all the people who got APC codes from me have been sent down to Wr. 201. They didn't qualify to stay in the class. One of these I tagged as an ESL student, but he turns out to be one of the brightest students in the class. He is Russian, and I don't think he could pass this class in 6 weeks, but during the regular semester, with an ESL grammar class, I think he might pull it off. I hate to lose him because I have lost the best student. She was an amazingly good writer, but never said anything. I'm down to 18 students, as I was last semester. But one of those never comes to class, so I will probably drop him, if he doesn't show on Monday.


Lou said...

Aren't summer students terrific? See, they opt for back-to-back WR 201 and WR 1, just ASSUMING they will pass because, you know, in summer, there is less reading and writing. And then--gulp--they fail WR 201. Wait. I said "fail." That's so negative. :D

Robbi said...

It's strange Lou, but first summer semester I had an incredibly good class, full of brilliant students. Not to say there weren't some losers too, but the preponderance was really really bright and able. This semester, well... another story. I feel a real letdown after last semester.
The best student wants back into the class. I told her we'd deal with it on Monday. Sigh.

mym said...


My mother has just gotten into worms as well! She has long wanted a little worm house. There's something black humorish about going for them in your twilight years, isn't there?

Hope your students show some flashes and sparks of light along the way.

Robbi said...

Yes Marly, it's ironic. Maybe that's a healthy attitude? My dad loves his worms!