Saturday, July 18, 2009

Farmer's Market

This week, I was on my way, just starting, to yoga class in Costa Mesa, and my engine light flickered. With an older car like mine, with high mileage, I know that when that happens, I have to drop everything and drive straight to the garage. Good thing I did too because it was empty of oil, and I could have ruined my engine. The car eats oil, so I knew that I couldn't take a chance and go on to yoga class.
After I had the oil put in(it took 3 quarts!), I decided to go take my parents to the Farmer's Market near the University, which they love and don't get to go to very often. It was a hot day, though my mother was ready to bundle up, as usual. I got her to go in capri pants and a short sleeve shirt, though she trucked a jacket along just in case.
Parking was easy because it was early, and we checked out the tomatoes, basil, lemons, and numerous stone fruits. Had to sample all of them, of course! Then we stopped for an Italian Ice (just like Philadelphia!) and went to the raffle. We won on all three tickets, but traded off to other winners with each one. My mom was thirsty, so we traded a chocolate chip scone for a cold apple juice (wonderful!) and traded the ceviche we won for a weird looking orange and yellow spotted Japanese cucumber that looked like a melon or squash. Then we won a third item, some baklava. It was fun.
Tonight I will go to LA with R and M to see a free concert. I haven't been there in years! Sometimes I feel like I'm missing something, but not enough to try driving on the freeways.


Lou said...

Oh that all does sound like fun--I hope your parents, especially your mom, got in on the laughs.

Robbi said...

I don't know how much my mother really knew what was going on. I was worried about her, as she refused to get out of the sun, and she didn't have a hat. Someone gave her one to wear, but I should take her to the store and buy her one first thing, before we do that again.