Tuesday, July 7, 2009


I have written more in the past year than perhaps any before it. And part of that is that I am thinking about books I want to publish, and even coming up with titles for them. The problem is that it will take a long time to get enough to actually make a book. The autobiographical fiction/nonfiction collection I want to call Among Others. The poetry I want to call The End of a Line. I figure I need about 25 short pieces at least for the first collection, and maybe the same amount for the poetry.
I don't know where I would send them... probably I'd start with mainstream university presses, and then try the really small places. But I need to do the rest of the work first.


Rebel Girl said...

That's a good feeling, isn't it - to write so much?

Robbi said...

Yes Reb, but I'm not writing fast enough. I want to finish the books I see coming into shape. I want to finish them and go out and read them on the road. I probably won't get the opportunity to do it, but that's what I want, and I'm impatient.

marly said...

You have the dream in your head and you are on the metaphorical road... that is good.

Robbi said...

Now we'll see whether and how I stay on that road. I've taken long enough!