Monday, July 20, 2009


Though I have lived in Southern California since 1980, I have not spent much time in Los Angeles. That is partly because I do not drive on freeways and because those I know who do do not relish the experience of spending hours on freeways unless there is a very good reason for doing so. R. especially hates to go to LA because of how hard it is to get around that city.
I would otherwise spend lots of time in the museums and other cultural destinations up there, being a city girl at heart. But taking the train and wandering around LA by bus doesn't seem to be such a good idea.
So I jumped at the chance to go with R and M to Saturday's concert downtown, even though I know nothing about Cuban music and don't dance, ever. The band, fronted by a female singer, Albita, I think her name was, in a slinky white dress, was very impressive, and lucky for us, loud, because we couldn't get seats close by, and had to go up to the second level of shops to cadge part of a bench.
But most interesting part for me was the location. I really had not been downtown in Los Angeles in recent years, so seeing Disney Hall and the other interesting architecture down there was fun. It seemed to me that downtown L.A. has been sanitized quite a bit since the last look of it I've had, when it reminded me of downtown Philadelphia.
The cathedral and the odd, excessive new high school that has been built down there were curious enough, and if I had a way of getting there, I would sometime like to get a better look at them. But until then, I will live without L.A., as I have for so long.

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