Friday, July 3, 2009

Farmer's Market Friday

Today was the wonderful farmer's market at Laguna Hills Mall. After a fabulous yoga class, I met Liz at the market and bought summer fruit for a fruit crisp I want to make for tomorrow's party. Coincidentally, Liz was thinking about making the same thing for her party! Actually, with the gloriousness of those gorgeous summer stone fruits, it's a no-brainer, isn't it? The peaches were the color of sunsets one might only dream about, and today, for the first time, I was introduced to a new fruit, the red apricot. It was glorious.
I should say that I love fruit, and used to spend whole summer days sampling it, till my gums were full of ulcers from their acidic juices. That's heaven, to me, so I loved the market today, with its unlimited samples of red pluots, yellow cherries, and yielding nectarines. Yum.
I also bought some charr, a first for me. It looks rather like salmon, but tastes very different. I pan fried it with pine nuts, butter, shallots, and dill, with a little squirt of lemon.
Then I came home and graded all the rest of the exams, and now I am quite done with first summer session! YAY!

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Lou said...

Here's to SUMMER!

Happy 4th!