Tuesday, July 21, 2009


Today is movie day in my class again. Back to Vertigo for a couple of weeks! I spent this morning making kettle corn (before you get really impressed, it was microwave stuff) for my class. That encourages students to show up for the movie since they have to watch it a number of times in order to write about it.
I so recently discussed it with my previous class that I don't feel the need to do a lot of preparation for that. But with this group, small though it now is, I might have to cook up new ways of getting them to interact with me and to pay attention to the text's details.
I love teaching movies, especially complex ones like this, which really reward close attention to detail. As an undergraduate, I took film classes repeatedly, but all of them were in the English department, not in the film studies department, so my knowledge of technical detail is somewhat spotty. I have gleaned some from reading.
Jeremy is trying to sign up for fall classes, but the system won't let him. He is being told he can't sign up till Aug. 4. I think that's because he took assessment classes but not the orientation. He probably has to do that first. I hope he doesn't have to wait much longer because already the class I wanted him to sign up for is full. He will call today and see what he can do. Plus, he doesn't have a transcript to show the school that he has passed Wr. 201 at SCC. Richard took it to his office! So we have to wait till he can bring it back. I've ordered an official transcript, but it will take 10 days to get here.
If Lou or Reb have recommendations for his math teacher, please let me know. He is not the easiest student to work with. He needs a hands on teacher because of his learning disabilities.


Anonymous said...


B.Pearlstein, is awesome! He will be teaching math classes fall semester in place of Julie Willard. He also, does private tutoring and was highly rec. to do so, from his R.Zucker. You should talk to Melanie. Her son has taken private tutoring from him, and he was able to not only figure out what her son was doing wrong, but also how to figure out how he learns.


Robbi said...

Hi Beth! Thanks for the recommendation, but he isn't at the basic skills level. He's at intermediate alegebra, which is still behind a bit, but not that much. Better than I could do, I must say.
His disabilities, unlike mine, are not related to math, but to attention and reading.