Sunday, July 12, 2009

Dealing With Mom

Mom has this shoe thing, you know. I've told you about it enough. Now she has a thing about pants too. She claims they are too tight (this is most of the dozen or so pairs she has in her closet). She claims that even though two weeks ago I bought her the most recent pair of size 10s, and she said they fit fine. And today she tried on another pair and said they were just fine too. In fact, the size 12 pants I bought her the last time she tried this trick of refusing to wear most of her pants she has said are too big. So what to do? She dumps all of them on the floor of the closet and refuses to wear them. It might be that the place is washing them in hot water, and they are shrinking. That is a possibility. But it isn't possible for me to buy her a half dozen pairs of size 12 pants at regular price. She's just going to have to cope. And I know that if I do that, she will say that they are too big anyhow.
It's not as though she were gaining weight. In fact, she is going through another not-eating phase. Next week, when I take her to the psychiatrist, I'll let him have a crack at her, but it's impossible to have a conversation with her because of her deafness anyhow.


Lou said...

Poor old girl sounds pretty confused.

Robbi said...

She is confused, and it makes me sad. But I just don't know what to do about it.