Friday, July 24, 2009

Hard Yogaless Week

This has been a tough week, not only because I got papers on Tuesday, but because one yoga teacher is out of town and the other is in India. When she comes back, she will have surgery. The Yoga Works subs have sometimes been less than inspirational, shall we say.There is at least one of them I do not trust with my body at all. Tuesday I didn't go to yoga because of hours at the writing center in the morning and Torah group in the evening. Weds. I didn't go because of that sub. Thursday I had to take my mom to the psychiatrist. This morning I didn't go because that same sub who was on Weds. was there again. But I plan to go tonight, when a very good teacher is on at 6:00 in Costa Mesa. Even though it's a level 1, and I am beyond that, she's such a good teacher it won't be a waste of time, and I can ask her to give me different postures to challenge me.
I've been doing yoga at home, but I don't do an hour and a half, and I don't usually hold the poses as long as I do in class. Today I tried to do that, and I felt 100% better than yesterday!
It's important that I learn to do my own practice, outside of class. It would be nice if I had the room to do it. But it's now definite that without substantial yoga practice at least 6 days per week, I'm a wreck.

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