Monday, February 7, 2011

Better, but More Recuperation Time Needed

R. was well enough to watch the football game yesterday afternoon, though in poor temper, his jones for coffee as bad as the urinary infection pain. He had to stop the coffee for the moment, and probably will try to make it permanent.
He isn't going in today; last night was pretty bad, yet again.
Over the weekend I read Anne Rice's new book, Of Love and Evil--a real page-turner! And I went to see the Mexican film, Biutiful, with Javier Bardon. It was a lovely nuanced performance in a film full of tragedy. The main character is dying of prostate cancer that metastasized, which scared me to death because I suspect R. has something going on with his prostate. I'm hoping I'm wrong, but he has promised me to go to the doctor and ask to be referred to a urologist when he's well.


Robin said...

When you described Richard's symptoms at the theater last night I was concerned and a bit sorry that we chose to see that particular film last night. It was a great movie, though, and it deserves far more attention and critical acclaim than it has been getting. At the very least they should show it more widely at more theaters.

I'm really glad we got a chance to get together with you. Next time, when Richard feels better, we can all go out for dinner!

my said...

Progress. That's good. I'm glad you managed to relax over the weekend anyway, at least in spots.

Robbi said...

R is going back to work today. He is driving, and I hope all is going to be well because I will be unavailable to help until about 5:30 PM since I am teaching at CSUF this afternoon.