Sunday, February 20, 2011

A Bit Unreal

Furnishing and fixing up this house in such a short amount of time feels strange and rather unreal. Rather than luxuriating with catalogs and leisurely tripping through consignment stores, I am forced to haggle with contractors in the morning and make enormous purchases of appliances in the afternoon, as I did today. I met with the floor guys about what tile to put down upstairs and then went and bought a washer and dryer after yoga. I think I did pretty well, and made use of the bit of research I did online to get what seems to me a good deal (or will be once I get the rebates), but there is still a ton of stuff, notably the furniture, which will be the most fun, to buy.
I glanced briefly at flat screen TVs, but we will wait till we are in the house to buy one of those, I think. Furniture comes first, and housewares.

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