Friday, February 18, 2011


I am feeling much better than yesterday when I was strained to the max by my difficult week of house and work. I felt overwhelmed by the strain of running hither and yon, grading drafts, and dealing with hysterical students who were strangely surprised by the necessity of working harder in a class they thought they had sized up as an easy A.
I couldn't meet with most of them. There was no time and no place for it. And there were miles to go before I slept, figuratively and literally speaking. And I didn't sleep much, particularly because J.'s tire blew out in the middle of the night, scaring him and demolishing the tire, of course. R got up and they had a male bonding moment over a jack and a spare, and J learned about the wonders of President's Day tire sales and Jiffy Lube, things all males must learn at some time or another.
But today after yoga, Liz and I went on a hunt for house stuff. We started at lunch--Sushilishus, and worthy of its own post, when I have a little more time. Then on to Lowes to look at flooring, light fixtures, and washer/dryers. We had a productive look, and I took down a lot of information, putting it to use immediately by calling the floor guy and telling him to bring some samples with him when we meet on Monday afternoon.
And I drooled over a beautiful lamp that I'm not going to buy. It was lovely, but it was almost $300., and fragile, something cats could definitely overturn and break.
That's not the sort of thing I should be spending this money on, though it was nice to look at it.
Now I'm going to go sing in a concert at synagogue.

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