Tuesday, February 8, 2011

The Day We've Been Waiting For

Yesterday, I was having my doubts whether the loan for the house was going to come through. There seemed to be more and more hoops to jump through, and it seemed as though all the same information that had been collected before was being demanded again. But just as I was starting to think we would have to forget the idea of buying this house or perhaps any, the escrow person came yesterday and told us it would all be over by the weekend. She hopes to close on Thursday! Today, between one class and the other, I have to go and arrange for money to be wired so we can get the down payment in.
Then all that stuff we have to do with the house--the new appliances, tearing out the upstairs floor and carpets, the new fixtures and closets, the furniture, all of that will be upon me, and somehow I will have to figure out when and how I will manage all of it.
As R. points out, we have lots of time. He hadn't told the landlady we were leaving yet, and the last month is paid for, so we can take our time moving out. Even if we don't get the security deposit back, and I doubt we will, we're pretty well taken care of here, and can do everything that needs to be done at the new place.
I had imagined that closing would be a big party, all of us who have only exchanged phone calls and emails and faxes at a table, signing the last papers and doing all the last minute business. But apparently, there is no need for that in this state. It's all going to be done but the work we need to do on the house and the shopping for stuff like furniture.
Don't get me wrong: I love shopping, and I've thought about this for a long time, but it's a lot all at once, and the papers are coming due. Everything seems to happen that way in my life. Nothing, nothing, and then all of a sudden, it's all upon me, like a springing beast. But afterwards, it will all be worth it.


Robin said...

How thrilling that you could be in your home so soon! I am really looking forward to seeing it!

As for all the work you have ahead of you, at least you have done most of the packing. And furniture doesn't have to be bought all at once. Nor, do all the repairs need to be done immediately. One step at a time. Even if your new home feels unfinished at first, I bet you will be much happier there than you are in the terrible place you live in now.

What wonderful news!!!

Robbi said...

You're right Robin. I probably do need to get a majority of the furniture just to be comfortable (such as the new bed and the downstairs sofa and chairs and dining set) but other things can wait, like the big screen tv for over the fireplace. There's no room on the floor for a tv there. And I'm taking the computer and desk and filing cabinet with me.