Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Work on All Fronts Continues

Work at the house and beyond continues. The handyman, Dan, who truly is the most gifted person with things mechanical I have ever met, has installed the washer and dryer, which couldn't be installed initially because the old washer was corroded into the pipe! Now the floor guys will begin washing, sealing, and ripping out assorted flooring and carpeting. That is the biggest job in the house up to now. I hope there are no more ugly surprises!
Beyond, the first set of papers, blessedly small, has come in. It is not great so far. However, we will be moving on to the 2nd assignment, an in class essay applying Foucault's concept of the Panopticon to Clockwork Orange's Ludovico experiment or a true and actual experiment, the Stanford Prison Experiment. Interesting that all these texts originate in the same general period of the 70s, my heyday. It seems that was the golden age for investigations into punishment and the like.
It is always a relief to move on from one assignment to another, but there's a bit of an awkward phase in making the transition.
I hope to go get the light fixtures with the handyman this morning before I have to teach this afternoon. I'll be skipping yoga to get it done, but I managed to get in some practice beforehand.


marlyat2 said...

Sounds grand. Things are progressing. And I like the sound of the handyman. Everybody needs one.

Robbi said...

I think so. I like the light fixtures, and they, and the screen door and the door knobs, seem as though they'll fit nicely into the new place.