Friday, February 4, 2011

Poor R

After I got home from yoga and the hairdresser, I saw that R was still in bed, deathly ill with some noxious bug. He always has a hard time with illnesses like this. Luckily, they are extremely rare for him. I hope he gets over it soon.


Anonymous said...

Deathly ill and he is home? Sounds like he should be at the ER.


Michele said...

I hope that he feels better quickly!

Robbi said...

Thanks Michele. Beth, with guys, something we'd just accept with discomfort becomes a huge deal. He always groans and yells, and every time, I offer to take him to the hospital, and he refuses. However, I think he will agree to go to the doctor if one is available to see him. Probably there is nothing anyone can do. With these bugs, one just has to wait it out.
Good to see both of you!