Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Final Step

Yesterday, I wired the down payment for the house to the proper place, and we're a go. This afternoon, I hope, we can go do a final walk through in the house, though it is just a formality. We already got money for repairs and a new air conditioner from the former owner, and we know what we've got to do. It will be an opportunity for me to pick the realtor's brain about people to do the plumbing and the electrical work and to ask who I should call to clean the tile floor downstairs, etc. Maybe this afternoon I'll go look at the bed, though we won't be ready to buy it for a while. I think I know where to get it, at a model furniture store in Irvine. I checked out the line of beds they were advertising online, and I like them. If they really are 40-60% off at this place, they're within our budget, so I feel good about the prospect. I want a storage bed, with drawers, not only because the room is small and this might take the place of a linen closet, but because it will keep the cats from destroying the mattress as they have in the past. Storage beds of the ilk I prefer are rather pricey, but this seems like a good option.
Meanwhile, my students in all three classes are coming along. I feel concerned about the sleepers. I have several of them. But I will approach them today and tomorrow and make it clear that they'll feel the results of this habit in their grades. If they want to shape up, they can do it. If they want to ship out, they can be my guest. Perhaps this is befitting of a practitioner of "the yoga of cruelty," as Shannon, the director of the synagogue choir, called Iyengar yoga.


my said...

Congratulatons, Robbi. I hope you enjoy your new abode, and that it is even better than you have imagined.

Robbi said...

Thanks Marly.